About Horaios Corporation

Beauty Comes In the Right Time

The company name: “Horaios” came from two words greek word “Hora”, which means time, and “kaios,” which means beauty or good. The combination of both words tell us that beauty comes in the right time. Synonymous to the company’s mission that the hopeless, and the inadequate, be empowered by the company’s products. Horaios Corporation as it stands, gives hope to people regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, and social status.

Company Overview

Horaios Corporation is a start-up manufacturing company founded on May 25, 2018 employing 6 regular employees and 47 contractual workers. Located at 145 Mahabang Parang St. Brgy. Bignay Valenzuela City, Philippines, Horaios Corporation, with a lot size of 3000 square meter, is a professional manufacturer and trader of high quality cosmetic and personal care products, supplying to 106 distributors and 213 wholesalers nationwide.

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Our Vision

To provide knowledge and quality personal care and beauty products that: customers recommend to family and friends regardless of social differences, purchasers recommend to their client, employees are proud of and investor seek for long-term investment.


Our Mission

WHoraios Logoe are dedicated in developing and improving beauty & personal care products to bolster self-esteem of every people regardless of age, gender, social status, and cultural background.

To deliver the highest quality of products and services that the employees will be proud of, Horaios Corporation aims to cultivate its employees by developing an environment and culture of excellence that lends itself to the company’s success. A company that you can trust, and a company that you can relate to, Horaios Corporation is committed in producing healthy financial rewards for our investors and shareholders as we strive to be the best in market. We strongly believe that from honesty, integrity, compassion, and perseverance comes excellence and a promise of a more beautiful tomorrow.   


Horaios Corporation

Office Address: 145 Mahabang Parang Street Barangay Bignay, Valenzuela, Philippines

Mobile Number:  0949 994 5792
Email: horaios.corp@gmail.com
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