Let’s Get Derma-Logical: Right Dosage > High Dosage

Let’s Get Derma-Logical: Right Dosage > High Dosage


Do active ingredients in skincare products work better in higher dosages? The short answer: no. The long answer: products with just the right dosage of ingredients are clinically proven to work better than products with too much of everything. 

Skincare research has revealed that extra ingredients, which commercial skincare product usually contains, does not increase the effectiveness of a given product nor does these extra ingredients are necessary to the formulation of a given product. So what does this "extra ingredients" simply do? In simple terms, these ingredients, like green tea extract, niacinamide, AHA/BHA, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acidmakes it seem that a product is more luxurious and potent despite having no appreciable effect on the skin. Active ingredients only work when used in the recommended amount for a given formulation - beyond that, you are basically paying for something that is beyond for your skin to process and utilize.

This "Extra ingredient" ploy is usually used by marketers to make customers think that fancier-sounding products are more effective. This is simply not true! A company that truly cares about its customers would not use underhanded marketing tactics, such as using lavish-sounding ingredients, to justify ridiculously high prices. Most of the time, the additional "FLUFF" ingredients do not serve any purpose because the base product usually does what the "FLUFF" active ingredient is doing.

So why pay more when you are actually getting less?

Products with a long list of confusing ingredients and names that are difficult to pronounce does not guarantee skin compatibility. Keep in mind that spending huge amounts of money on skincare products often benefits the company more than it benefits the customer.

Choose a company that values people over profit. At Horaios, we strive to offer sincere skincare solutions for every Filipino without breaking their bank. For an honest-to-goodness skincare routine, you can always count on Probatine!

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